Maintain Global ID's when loading data from one feature class to another.

05-14-2010 08:56 AM
Status: Open
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GLOBALID's are randomly generated so that they will always be unique.  So why does ArcGIS software need to renumber all my features' GLOBALID's when i import the features from one feature class to another?  

We frequently export data from our SDE to make schema changes (use VISIO to create a blank schema) then load the data back in, so having the option to mainain exisitng GLOBALID's would make my job a lot easier.
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Agreed...any workarounds to retain existing GlobaIIDs?


ArcGIS renumbers GUIDs in the entire feature class you are appending to?  I've never heard of that nor have I seen it happen;  I've appended thousands of records to feature classes as well as tables that have global ids.  The only thing I use Global ids for is replication.