Locked Multiple Layouts in ArcGIS Pro

04-03-2017 11:22 AM
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In ArcView 3 (AV 3) users often created multiple layouts and disconnected the live link to each one.  The AV 3 help text below briefly explains what we could do in the program.

Add a view


To create a map for output containing geographic data you must first add a view to your layout. When you add the view you can choose to make it live linked. This causes any changes in the view to be reflected in the layout. If you decide not to live link your view, it will not change in the layout even if you make changes to the view.

Layouts were not especially powerful in AV 3, but users could create multiple static objects and print them as displayed. 

In ArcGIS Pro, multiple layouts are available for within a single Pro project and multiple layouts are associated with a specific Pro map within the Project.  In each layout, the user specifies the extent, layers displayed, cartographic elements, and more.  In each individual Pro layout, the user now refines/updates the associated map, before printing or exporting the layout.  If the map is modified later, the layout changes, too.

It would be very helpful to lock individual layouts to preserve user settings and parameters, without modifying the underlying map.

I strongly recommend that this feature should be submitted as a near term enhancement.  I, and others, once used this AV 3 feature often.



I have noticed the same behavior, not only with labels but in fine-tuning the legend. The menus and dialogs are all there but those final “fine-tuning” behaviors seem to take a long time.

I don’t know if you experienced the TOC graying out while it “thinks”? I experience graying out irregularly to a point where I can’t reliable replicate it for tech support but it’s happening enough that it is frustrating.

I also wish Arc would not redraw layers that I’m not actively working on. For example, if make a change to symbology on Layer A, Layer B should not need to redraw/re-label if I’ve made no changes there. OR, if we make changes to labels, Arc should not need to re-draw symbology – only the labels. There seems to be a lot of re-drawing when it should not be necessary.



I'd love to see them have separate layer visibility as well. Basically I want multiple layouts, each with different layers visible. As it sits now if you turn a layer off in one layout, it changes all the layouts. 


I'm experiencing the same problem. I wonder if you have found any solutions to lock the settings on each layout?


This capability is really needed.  Otherwise we are copying maps/layouts and unnecessarily bloating our projects.  This is pretty insane that it is not already available in PRO. 


I recently started a project in which I am needing to print out floorplans for all of our buildings.  I decided to try AGP since it has the ability to do multiple layouts.  I was surprised to find that, although I can have multiple layouts where I can put different text items on the different layouts, I cannot create layouts that have different layers visible.  For example, if I have separate layouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, I cannot make Layout 1 always and only show me 1st floor, and Layout 2 to always and only show me 2nd floor, etc.  As I switch between layouts, I have to go into the map frame and manually change which layers are visible--if I forget, I end up printing erroneous data!  This really is a problem and I hope Esri will change it, or if not, give an explanation as to why it would not be a good idea.



Yeah I think for now you'd have to create different Maps, each tied to their own layout.


^ This is what I do.

My work-flow for when management wants a new paper map is:  Copy the Map template I've built for the appropriate size map (A, C or E),  Name the new map. Create a bookmark of the map extent.  Copy the map name.  Create a new layout appropriate to the requested size (A, C, or E).  Open new layout and use Catalog Pane to drag and drop new map into Layout.  Zoom to Bookmark created above. Rename Layout the same as the map so I know what layout goes with what map. Edit map and layout as needed. 

Its a whole lot of copying and pasting and "project bloat". I appreciate the idea of Projects but without the ability to lock layouts like what is suggested here, it's actually more cumbersome than ArcMap - at least for paper map production which sounds like the theme to many of these posts.  


Whenever I want a new map I start by importing a layout file and that locks the settings for each layout. Before doing so, create a layout file that you can re-use by clicking on "Share" --> Layout File.

Once you're ready to create a new map within your current project, click --> Insert --> New Layout ---> Import a layout file

Add all the layers needed and you will see that anything that you change on that layout will not be reflected on the others.


Great!  This worked for me to share and then import the layout file.  Now layer visibility can vary on each layout.  Nice to see both options available.


Is it too much to ask that Multiple Layouts Referencing the same Map allow the user to turn off layers individually per layout, and change Symbology individually per layout?  At this point, I'm having to insert new Maps for every layout that I want!

Come on ESRI you can do this... right?