LocateXT needs regex support, arcade expressions or python function support

09-01-2021 10:15 AM
Status: Open
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Reviewing the LocateXT documentation it appears the custom attribute function solely revolves around keyword searches. Due to variations of keywords or possible ocr issues it would be much more effective to have custom attributes to be able to be pulled out using regex expressions.

This would be a powerful way to pull out specific values using single statements instead of multiple keyword definitions. 

In addition to regex , the tool might also benefit being able to run a custom python function or arcade expression. 

The same argument could be made for the use of regex or functions for locations. The location definition needs some work but ideally these locations would be defined by a set of regex functions. One example might be an expression to pull out zip codes or address strings and then potentially look up zip code features or geocode them against a service. 

The use of out of the box templates could benefit because right now there are only default templates. Once functions or regex are allowed then this could actually help others get going much quicker by sharing other libraries of templates including functions for parsing strings, regex expressions, etc... 

Thanks for the consideration!!

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