Locate ArcMap TOC layer in ArcCatalog tree

08-23-2010 12:24 PM
Status: Open
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The integration of ArcCatalog into ArcMap, as well as the inclusion of the "Home" folder and "Default" geodatabase have greatly improved directory management in ArcCatalog. But there's one more addition that I think could help even more.

The included "Help" documentation for ArcGIS 10 has a convenient "Locate" button that will automatically open the contents tree to the currently displayed help topic. I would like to see something similar in ArcMap. Perhaps a "Go to..." command in a layers context menu (in the ArcMap table of contents) that automatically opens the integrated ArcCatalog tree to that particular layer's source feature class.

just logged in to post this and i see it is already suggested TWO years ago

Add a new menu item to the context menu when right clicking a layer in the table of Contents
This item will navigate to the layer in the ArcCatalog tree
I'm surprised more people haven't voted to support this. At the moment one has to copy/paste the source from the Source tab into the Catalog window. Only thing is, the Source tab splits that information across multiple rows so you have to patch it together in Notepad first. >.<