Localization for spelling of "metres", etc.

06-28-2011 07:11 AM
Status: Implemented
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One thing that I always spend time changing as I produce a map layout is the spelling of the units on the scale bar - from the American spelling "Meters" to the usual international (SI) spelling "metres".  Likewise "kilometres", etc.  This is currently possible in the scale bar properties dialogue, but I have to do it every time.

It would be very nice if defaults for these spellings could be configured by the user, or perhaps based on the localization settings of my machine.  

(It would also save me a lot of time, and a great deal of being pedantic with other makers of maps...)  🙂

Yes - I was just writing the same idea.  There is a lot of wasted time in ArcMap changing the unit spelling.
Yes. YES. YES!!!
This is a BIG timewaster, for those of us in the rest of the world who actually use the correct spelling of SI units. Please can we have it?
If not, then please can ESRI spell units correctly, or at least use lower case for the units that don't have a capitalisation? There are plenty of place on the interwebs which give the correct spelling.
I agree that it will be a bonus if defaults for ArcGIS spellings could be adapted from the local settings of an individual's machine. That will save us the tedious back and forth of editing the text.
I second these guys as well. It would save businesses a lot of time and resource.
One thing anyone could do right now is edit the scale bar and save it as a style so you can use the same style with the same spelling anytime you want.

Remember that ArcGIS is not only used on English Language countries so please ESRI do something customizable that we users can change only once and all maps and templates will show up the same units
Cartographer, that is true, and I do have one scale bar saved with all my default settings (including 'kilometres' spelt the correct way :P). But this is still annoying when I have to change to metres, and I again need to type in the spelling I am used to.
This gets a +1 from me. ESRI needs to send its developers on a localization awareness course!
Another common one is Fiber vs. Fibre.

I realize this is an old thread, but stumbled across it and wanted to see what I could do in ArcGIS Pro.

When I change the Project's units in the options

They show up throughout the application, specifically for the scale bar as demonstrated in the original idea: