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Living Atlas filter for Styles

09-08-2023 12:12 PM
Status: Open
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It's currently extremely difficult to search the Living Atlas for stylx files. Most of the style files available are those authored by John Nelson, and those are super awesome styles by a creative cartographer, but sometimes I just want to add Esri's standard transportation or civic style to a project and I have to download that stylx file from the style gallery in order to access it. 

My request has two parts:

1. Please make all styles available in the Living Atlas.

2. Make it easier to filter for styles by adding Style as a Type in the filter widget.

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Hi, I've been finding it difficult to find styles also* - in fact, all .stylx or .styl files are not available from the Living Atlas unless you are signed into your ArcGIS Online portal (rather than your organisation's enterprise portal).

To change your portal you can go to project>portals and check the one you wish to be active.

I don't think this will solve your issue particularly, but I thought I'd post here if anyone else comes across this fairly obscure hurdle. I second that styles should be more easily searchable and available here: there is not even a category or tag for styles in the Living Atlas on ArcGIS Pro from what I can see.


*If anyone is having trouble finding styles as a starting point, try signing into your ArcGIS online account as an active portal on ArcGIS Pro, and then search "stylx" or "styl" in the living atlas search bar (by going to catalog>portal>living atlas). You should find a host of different symbol packages there to make your symbology more suitable.


Why isn't there a tutorial for this!