Living Atlas 'Browse' experience in Pro

04-14-2022 01:33 PM
Status: Open
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I ran across this post which is requesting filters in catalog pane, which would be a great improvement. I would also like to see more of a browse experience (like the tab on the website) built into the Add Data box and catalog:


I usually end up going to the website to find stuff because the search built into Pro just pulls in all sorts of random stuff that's rather hard to differentiate. Having that sort of browser right inside Pro would help make my workflow much more efficient. It could perhaps be expanded to the AGOL section, too, because that section suffers from the same problems.

It's actually much easier to add stuff from AGOL in ArcMap: it's its own menu item under "Add Data," so you can get to it more quickly, and you get to preview your results and metadata more quickly and easily too. It would be a good model for Pro to follow, especially if the aim of Pro is improved integration with online services.