License Manager Tools

07-05-2012 12:51 PM
Status: Open
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License Manager doesn't have any tools to speak of and very little flexibility. How are we supposed to manage it effectively if there isn't a single tool to do so? Example tools/things I'd like to see are:

1. Auto-emails when licenses are being borrowed/returned.
2. The ability to do license manager updates even when licenses are being borrowed.
3. The ability to limit each user in a network to only be able to borrow a single license (i.e. to prevent them from borrowing a license for their laptop and their desktop at the same time).
4. The ability to put a cap on the number of licenses that can be borrowed at any one time.

I'm sure there are many more other tools that users would like to see. I'm surprised there is so little discussion about license manager functionality. At least generating some ArcObjects to let the user develop their own scripts would be a start.
To expand on your #4, "The ability to put a cap on the number AND TYPE of licenses that can be borrowed at any one time."

Right now I run a separate LM just for license borrowing, so I can limit the number and type that can be checked out.  If #4 was implemented thru the .opt (options) file, I could keep all licenses in one pool and still make sure licenses are still available for user in the office.

From what I understand, there is are technical issues as to why this hasn't been able to be implemented yet.  but I still give the idea a +10.

Check out Stuart's explaination (#2) in the forum:
Force check-in of borrowed licenses should be included.