Liberate the User Interface

09-22-2017 12:50 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Release the User Interface of ArcGis Pro much quicker than currently.

Often the user needs to wait - unnecessarily? - for tasks than can already be moved to the background.

Thus slowing down progress and workflow.

Example Geoprocessing Pane.

Once user has clicked run, release/liberate the UI. All that processing can be done in the background. Skip to different core (and actually use more than one at the time). I have checked with ArcMon (Alt+M within UI to activate), it seems the multi-threading mostly boils done to switching between cores, not runnning them simultaneously.

Above is what should be happening, but in reality you need to wait - quite a while = several seconds = ages (certainly if you're pressed for time) - you could try to jump in ahead of time and adjust the FCs being processed but you'll be fooled. They just might jump back to their previous setting or name or ... Meaning you do not get the results you are after, unless you stay very alert and notice the unwanted changes that happen when the running tool completes. And undo what has been set wrong and only then run the tool.