Leverage Concurrently licensed Desktop Extensions from Single Use Licensed ArcGIS for Desktop

01-02-2013 12:33 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Our single use license holders cannot easily leverage our concurrent licensed extensions.

(They have to close down ArcGIS, load the Administrator, set the license to concurrent (leveraging our small pool concurrent desktop licenses), then use the extension. Once done with it, they again close down ArcGIs for Desktop, open the ArcGIS Administrator and set the license back to their Single Use license).

This is a moot point for those on a 100% concurrent model but we had purchased our licenses back when Concurrent Licensing wasnt a viable option (borrowing was not available pre10.x).

It would be great if we could have all of our Single Use license holders being able to leverage infrequently used extensions that we have on our license server without having to switch to a concurrent desktop license to do so.
Suggest merging this with "Allow access to concurrent use extensions from stand alone ArcGIS"
This is really needed! 

Theoretically a user could switch between their single use ArcMAP Desktop license so they could hop on a concurrent use ArcMAP Desktop and thus take advantage of a concurrent use extension.  However there are two major disadvantages to this approach.  1) The user ALREADY PAID for ArcMAP Desktop.  Why should a user have to pay for two copies of ArcMAP (single use and concurrent) to leverage an extension?   2) Switching between single use and concurrent use requires ArcGIS Desktop Administrator, which requires administrator privilages.  Giving users Administrator privilages is a security risk!