Let Align Edge tool work with non-editable layers

02-26-2021 10:30 AM
Status: Open
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So often I am editing lines or polygon edges, and need them to align to other, more accurate features like parcels or roads. But I don't want to be editing those features at the same time. 

Currently, as far as I know, the Align Edge tool only works with a topology, and Map topologies only work with editable features. So I have to make parcels editable, and just be very careful to click only the boundaries of the feature I want to edit. But when the boundaries are close together it can be hard to tell which one I'm clicking on, so it's not uncommon to accidentally move the wrong boundary. If the Align Edges tool just let you align editable features to non-editable features, it would save a lot of time and headache.


Have you tried the Align Features tool? it works without a topology. You can even turn off the layer you want to align while you trace the feature to which you want it aligned, then turn it on before you hit the Align button.


@JeffWard Yeah, unfortunately the need for tracing with Align Features tends to not be as useful for me - it's the "snap to line" ability of Align edge that works so well in most cases I've encountered.


 Yes, this is important to me too, as when aligning edges I dont want to mistake of choosing the wrong edge which is easy to do with this tool. I would like to make one layer not editable and align editable features to that using align edge tool. 

Align features tool can be sloppy and cumbersome with all the extra steps required.