Length of long identifiers in enterprise databases

09-24-2021 06:35 AM
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Our organization is using Oracle 12c/19c enterprise databases. When we create new field name with more then 30 characters, ArcGIS (ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro) truncates name to 30 characters. With Oracle 12.2 version was increased the maximum size of most identifiers from 30 to 128 bytes. It will be useful to implement this functionality also in ArcGIS Pro. Some use cases: end user has field name consisted of organization name, department name, project name, attribute name etc. ArcGIS does not allow 43 characters, it truncates to 30 characters. Check attachments.

Here is Oracle article about this functionality: https://oracle-base.com/articles/12c/long-identifiers-12cr2
We are aware that this is not a bug but enhancement what we are asking for.


If you look at https://support.esri.com/en/bugs/nimbus/QlVHLTAwMDEwNjY0Mw== the Alternate Solution indicates that using the Add Field tool should allow you to create a field with a name longer than 30 characters.  

This idea is related to the following open Enhancement Request [ENH-000108054: ArcGIS should allow more than 32 characters as the length of column names in supported DBMSs that allows this functionality.]


arcgis pro error.png@KoryKramerHi. I tried you alternative solution but it does not work. ArcGIS Pro truncates 60 characters long field name to 30. Please check printscreen.


Oops - must still not work with Oracle.  I was just able to add a 64-character named field to a file geodatabase using the geoprocessing tool.  As stated above, the idea is associated with ENH-000108054.