Legend Style for Legend Items to pull from .style file

12-20-2010 08:52 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
With the ability to save legend styles into the .style file, it would be beneficial if everytime I add the "road" feature to the legend it takes the "road" legend style from the .style file automatically.   Right now, I have to select each feature in the legend and select how I want it to be displayed (e.g. showing heading, patch type, etc).  Most of the time, I do not use the default legend style.

ArcMap does a great job in using the .style file to symbolize layers when they are added to the table of contents.
eg. everytime I add a layer called "road" it pulls the symbology from my .style file for the line symbol named "road".   This saves a huge amount of time as I have saved the symbology I need for the most common layer names I add and do not need to symbolize most of the layers I add to the map.  Hopefully something similar to this can be extended into the legend style as well.