Legend "Group layer name" display option if any layer in group is in map series

01-24-2022 07:52 AM
Status: Open
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I love the new option to display group names! Previously, I always had to use legend dummys if I wanted more than layer name and heading.

However, I would love it if the group layer name could be displayed dynamically with any layer of its group. For example, I have this group: 



Now I have a map series. On some pages, none of the group layers occur. On some pages, only A occurs. On some pages, only B occurs. Sometimes, A and B occur together. Sometimes, B and C occur together. And so forth in any combination.

So the legend displays the elements dynamically: only when they are shown on the current map page do they appear in the legend. Now I would like to have the group layer name in the legend when any of the group layers appear on the current map page.

At the moment, I have to merge all feature classes (which only works if they are of the same geometry, obviously) and create a dummy group layer name of the merged feature class. It would be so much easier if the group layer name would appear / disappear dynamically if any of the group layers occur on the current page.