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Legend, general, double row

04-04-2017 01:12 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor

Would love to have double row-General. Sometimes the overall title be quite long and it is the legend wants to divide it into two or more lines. Presic in symbolism where one can divide the text on different lines (description).


kritte‌ Could you please provide more details, or steps showing what you're looking for?  From the initial title and description, it is unclear what the idea is.  Thank you very much!


You can use the explanation of legend under General to get 2 or more lines in its explanation, I did not know! Have just run this program for 2 years.
But if you have more items in a legend that requires 2 or more lines. Text the third object in the explanation that needs a box with 2 more or more. How do you do then? Because then you will not get to General in the explanation.