Legend: adding symbol into patch

03-22-2019 08:44 AM
Status: Closed
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In ArcMap there are many ways to add symbols in patches or put a label in a patch on the legend -- for example, the ability to put a region # into a green rectangle feature into the legend as it is on the map. 

After exploring and reading comments, I do not see these features and some projects we have could really benefit from that capability and improve map design. Right now, the project has labels with region #'s + the name of region and it is cluttered. 

If this is possible, please share. 


Since this includes Insights for ArcGIS as a Category, is the question whether this is possible in Insights?  Would probably be a better question in the Insights for ArcGIS‌ place first.

If there is a question about how to do something in ArcGIS Desktop in general, the best place for that is the ArcGIS Pro‌ space.  If it turns out that what you're trying to do is not possible, please come back here and clarify in which product you're seeking the functionality.  Thanks

Status changed to: Closed

Those interested in this functionality in ArcGIS Pro please visit  Labels in Legend - Esri Community  

Thank you