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Leader lines to Circular Insets

03-29-2017 12:54 PM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

You need to add control for us to place  leader lines to insets when using Extent Indicators through Layers Properties.  See attached for an example of the problem where the leader line ends up in midair away from the inset when used with circular insets.  To make the attached I created a circular inset map (Layers Properties, Frame tab, then 100% Rounding for both Border and Background).  I then clicked to Layers Properties for main map, Extent Indicators tab and selected an arrow for "leader symbol" under "show leader".  But when doing this the arrow lands away from the edge of the circular inset as in the attached.  We need to be able to tell it to touch the edge of the circle or better yet be able to click the circle where we want the leader to attach.  Likewise for any rectangular leaders.  I could use the drawing tool, but I shouldn't have to.... besides if using the drawing tool I would manually have to change things if I moved the inset, whereas it would automatically update for me using Extent Indicators method.  Thus, please add leader placement control to Extent Indicators method.