Layout View - Map Frame Constraints - Allow Fixed Extent AND Scale

06-22-2021 07:37 PM
Status: Open
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Layout View - Map Frame Constraints - Allow Fixed Extent AND Scale


Currently users can set constraints for fixed extent OR fixed scale but not both.

I would like to propose that an option be enabled to specify both extent and scale.

Noting that this will adjust the size of the Map Frame.

This will enable our customers to specify the AOI and desired scale and allow us to build the map around those requirements.







Fixed center and scale largely does the same thing. Size of the map frame is not something that this parameter controls; setting such a proposed toggle would probably just prevent resizing, no? Because if you were to resize under such a circumstance, you'd need to compromise either extent or scale or both.


It is not the same though and does not meet the requirement of allowing a user to specify an AOI and scale of product.

Yes it would prevent resizing of the map frame, until it is toggled off.

The compromise here would be page size as extent and scale are fixed.

using this option would adjust the dimensions of the map frame and it’s size. This may lead to a user modifying the page size.

An example is a user wanting a map of a park at 1:10,000 but they don’t care what page size it’s on.

using fixed extent would give you the  park boundaries, using fixed scale would give you the desired scale but neither option provides the desired outcome.