Layered PDF to have legend item in same PDF layer as map layer it is linked to

08-15-2011 04:38 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III
When a layer in a PDF has its visibility toggled off, it would be great if the legend item associated with it could also be turned off.

The use case for this is that if a Layered PDF is provided to show property owners whether their land parcel is affected by one of several pieces of legislation, and they turn off a legislative layer to get a better look at what is there, then they could print from the PDF a map showing the legislative layer in the legend and no features from it affecting their property.  I would hope such a map would not find its way into court.  

I think that if a layer is turned off in a PDF then all legend items linked to it in the map from which it is exported should also be turned off.
I strongly agree with this suggestion! I'm working at the moment mainly with Cadcorp SIS, and in that GIS software, it is possible to arrange your legend in a way so that it disappears when the layer is diabled in the layered PDF. As I haven't found out yet how to do this in ESRI, I can not switch to do the maps completely in ESRI, as the customer really likes these sophisticated PDFs. If it is possible, and I just haven't found out, please let me know. Otherwise ESRI should work on this!

My clients really enjoy the functionality of layered PDFs produced in ArcGIS, but many of them have requested this funcationality where the legend updates to reflect the layers turned on. It would be a very useful feature for our work.