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Layer to Calendar feed

04-19-2018 10:41 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see a calendar feed option for AGOL and ArcGIS desktop layers to be consumed by Outlook/gmail/ect...

If you enter dates in your map layers for projects people can subscribe to the calendar and see that in their calendars. An optional sub-calendar by type would also be handy if your layer has multiple types and someone is interested in only one of them the could add one or all and have them show up in the calendar separately.

It would also be helpful if the calendar feed could push/pull from an MSProjects style interface.

We have many project layers that might be much easier to compare date/location conflicts in this style view instead of the near me style map view. We end up with dual entry between people managing project timelines in MSProject or elsewhere and then wanting to see the projects in the map and needing to find conflicts with other agencies.