Layer to Bookmarks Tool & Bookmarks to Layer Tool

02-08-2011 03:20 AM
Status: Open
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The ability to create bookmarks from an input feature class with the option of a buffer distance (specifically for point features).

Why should I click on each feature to create the bookmark?

The ability to create a polygon feature class of the extent of bookmarks - the ability to select the whole list or only certain bookmarks.

Would be useful for data-driven pages (DDP) use.

Ideally, I'd like to see a GP-toolbox for spatial bookmarks with above functions.

Would be great to auto create a series of bookmarks in an MXD based on the extent of selected polygon features in the map, or by passing the tool a polygon layer.   Maybe this can already be done?
Depending on what you wanted to do with them, you could probably do something with Data Driven Pages as a work around.
good idea for helping create data driven pages. espcially for those who are scared of python codes!
by Anonymous User
This is an older idea, but still a very good one. Even being able to create bookmarks from a feature class via arcpy mp would be awesome. A tool would be even better. I was looking for a way to do this today and there doesn't seem to be one.

Creating bookmarks for many features is time consuming and very repetitive. A spatial map series will not work for the web map workflows I want the bookmarks for (many ArcGIS apps rely on bookmarks). This should work with features of points, lines or polygons.

The tool would follow the workflow:

1) Select a single feature in a feature class

2) Zoom to and center on that feature

3) Create a bookmark on that extent

This tool would iterate through the feature class (honoring any definition queries), creating a bookmark for each record.

The bookmark could be named after an attribute in the current record from a defined field, or just an incrementing number.

Optionally, this process could select multiple records with a matching value in a defined field and zoom to the extent of the matching features to create the bookmark.


I took a stab at implementing this myself, the script and tool can be found here: