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06-14-2021 06:12 PM
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I think it would be nice if there were a single view similar to the Domains view where you could see all of the layers in a map with their layer IDs.  When you start to have a lot of layers, it would be helpful to see all of the layer IDs in one place versus right-clicking on each layer and choosing Properties.

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@NathanHeickLACSD Interesting idea, but the title does not match.  A good place to take this idea up would be to add it to the Catalog View.




Sorry, I was writing another idea and I didn't change the title.  I will think more about the how.  Right now, I just wanted to document the need.

Status changed to: Open

Switching this idea to Map Authoring now that the title/description is cleared up!


Well, I just looked at ArcGIS Pro and asked myself where I would look to find this information and I think the Contents Pane would be the natural place for it.  For example, another icon to the right of the label icon where the layers can be listed in drawing order or in order of layer ID.





Honestly, I'm just realizing that there is a lot of map functionality on the Catalog View, like updating data sources.  I think that is consistent with ArcMap.  However, it's not my natural instinct to go to the Catalog View to see the layer IDs of a map.  That would not be my preference.


Have just been thinking the same thing so it's easy to compare with the REST services directory. I like the idea of it being accessible via the ToC as well, maybe as another tab.