Layer extent update based on definition query

04-06-2022 08:40 AM
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When a definition query is set (or a different definition query is activated) the extent for the layer should be updated so that when you use the zoom to extent button that it zooms to the subset of data that is defined by the definition query.  This should at least be an option on the page where the definition query is set, so that the user has the choice to "update extent based on definition query" or something like that so that the default functionality remains as-is, but the user has the ability to update the extent based on the dq if they would like to (and are willing to allow for the time it might take to determine that extent).

I tried to give Kudos, but it isn't accepting my thumbs-up. I like your idea!
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Hello @AJR Thank you for logging this Idea! I wanted to check on something with you. Currently, when I set a definition query for a layer in Pro 2.9.2, using file geodatabase data, "Zoom to Layer" respects the new extent provided by the definition query. A video of this is shown below: 


Is this the behavior you are seeking? If this is what you are looking for, but not experiencing with your data, is your data housed in an enterprise geodatabase? 

Thank you! 

It may work with a fgdb, but it doesn't work with an enterprise geodatabase, which is what I was referring to.


Thank you for clarifying @AJR ! This is a known issue, BUG-000144596 "The Zoom To Layer functionality does not account for a definition query in ArcGIS Pro...   I apologize that you and @MichelleWilliamsERM are running into this! This has been implemented and will be fixed in 3.0. 

Since the behavior you are describing is the intended function of Pro, I will close this Idea. I again apologize that you and others are running into this bug in Pro 2.9.x! 

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This is a known issue in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.x, BUG-000144596 "The Zoom To Layer functionality does not account for a definition query in ArcGIS Pro... This will be implemented in Pro 3.0.