Layer dependent layout text element

12-16-2021 08:24 AM
Status: Open
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Have  the visibility of any text element or marginalia element be dependent on the visibility of a feature layer. So a text element would have a properties setting of "Contingent on" and you could select a list of layers that if any of those layers are visible, then the text element is visible. This could also be legends, north arrows, logos, etc...

Case use - I have a property owner notification map that I do every time there is a case coming up before the City Council. Once I set the location, I turn on a set of layers to show zoning, export the map, then switch to a set of layers that show an aerial photo, and export the map again. I have a text element that states when the aerial photo was taken, and a text element that says "Zoning data current through XX/XX/2021" to show that the data is reflecting the latest zoning cases. But I don't need both of those elements on for both maps.

I would like to link the "Zoning Data Current ..." text element to the zoning data layer to only appear when that layer is visible. Conversely I want the date of the aerial photo to only appear when the aerial photo layer is visible. I also have a disclaimer that differs depending on which layers are visible, and I like to include the logo of the aerial photo provider on the aerial photo map.

This could either be a hard coded option or you could add the ability to control this with Arcade expressions.