'Last Remembered' folder in file dialog should be remembered on a per-project basis

03-19-2023 05:37 PM
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When opening up a file / folder dialog box, whether it is to add data or to specify where a PDF layout is being exported to, ArcGIS Pro always seems to want to be helpful and navigate to the last remembered folder location, however it is too slow to load and keeps tripping me up.

While this is sometimes useful, in reality it usually ends up being annoying. The dialog will open, I'll start navigating to the folder/file I need, but then a few seconds later I'll be abruptly redirected back to the folder it 'remembered' from last time. If the folder is a network location the lag is much greater - it will do this long after I am expecting it, sometimes just as I'm about to hit OK on the dialog.

This remembered folder might have been from a completely different project and file location, and this behaviour has resulted in me saving files to completely different locations outside my current project folder by accident when it switches at the last second.

This is massively disruptive - at the very least, the 'last remembered' folder should be on a per project basis, and not at an application wide level, to avoid the issue. Or, the last remembered folder should immediately load without the lag, and not halfway through.


Hi Andrew,

Unchecking this setting in the catalog browsing options might be useful to you. It doesn't directly address your suggestions, but does allow you to stop browse dialog boxes from returning to previous locations.



agree, frustrating that this has taken so long to implement; it seems like it would be a common sense thing that should have been addressed in testing.

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@TimOrmsby that does help with the issue for the moment, thanks. It is annoying that the dialog can't remember without it being buggy/lagging though, so the idea request still stands.