01-04-2022 07:36 AM
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Sorry, doesn't know where to put it.

Since Esri take long time to translate informations, can you remove the automatic redirection in yours webpages.  Is frustrating, very frustrating to click a link and see the page we want to consult to see it deasapearing to go to and older page.

By exemple, clic on the v 2.9 change to be directed to the 2.8 changes version.

So when the translation is not done, leave the choice to stay in the English page.


I "think" this is a browser setting you can enable/allow.  For example, in Microsoft Edge, go to Settings, Cookies and Site Permissions, Pop-ups and redirects, and for "allow" click Allow and enter the [*} website.  You may also have to enter the [*] website too.  Hope this helps.


Haven't find any setting in safari for that.  Esri sites are the only places where such a beavior append .



I did a Google search on how to stop redirects in Safari and found this Apple forum that may help - Safari redirect - how do I stop it? - Apple Community - I would think you could add the * and * to safe sites like you would for MS Edge.  


Hi, doesn't tell anything useful.  I also check to see if I can stop redirecting but to complicated for me.

Just hope Esri will put translation in fast move because month pass to have the information.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for the Idea @MarcelSt-Germain ! The Ideas board is the best place to post this feedback, as you are requesting a change in a process associated with our applications. In this case, this Idea would be best labeled as 'Documentation and Help', since the redirects are occurring on our documentation pages. 

Just to clarify, what you are experiencing is that links will redirect to an older page if the translation is not finished for an newer version. For example, if the Pro 2.9 page has an incomplete translation for your language, the link will redirect for the Pro 2.8 page of that language. What you are seeking is to have the Pro 2.9 page open in English instead. Is this correct? If I have missed something, please let me know! 


Hi Amelia,

Exactly that.  If a page, like 2.9, is not yet translated, do not redirect to the older 2.8 translation page.  Stay in the English one.

When we want to have information on 2.9, the information on 2.8 is inappropriate.



I also in different situations want to see the documentation page in English but it's impossible as it automatically switches to my language. Please just add a language menu.