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02-27-2019 12:15 PM
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So, even seasoned GISers know sometimes you have to trial and error with labels a lot. The little cartoons are often great in Arc. I think for most GP tools they show exactly what will happen. But for me I find the label descriptions and cartoons hard to understand. It would be cool, if it had a moving sample next to each button. For example, if you started increasing feature weight, it would move the a demo label from a feature, next to the button, as you increase or decrease the weight value. So it would be interactive and you could immediately see the effect of what you are doing. 

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Hi Kevin,

Not interactive, but the documentation does include images for the parameters.  For example the Weights doc has a before and after scenario to show the setting

Other help topics show the different settings in real life scenarios.  See the Offset topic below

Hope this helps