Labeling continues even when layer switched off

12-06-2021 03:17 AM
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In ArcMap, when I switched a layer/group of layers off in the TOC, the labeling associated with it would automatically be switched off too. In ArcGIS Pro, I have to manually switch off the labeling separately, which is annoying - why would I want the labels if the feature class isn't displayed?


Labels ARE switched on and off with the layer.

Sounds like you have to wait for the map to refresh or manually refresh it.


How long are you waiting for the labels to switch off after switching off the layer?  I notice a slight lag for labels to switch off after the vector data, but it is only 1-2 seconds.

Where is the data stored for this specific layer?

Does the same issue occur for other layers?


The lag was more like 5min, which I didn't wait for until now. The map was refreshed automatically and manually and still no change. Might be a general problem with the machine more than with Pro (it wouldn't be the only IT issue I have atm). 

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As others have stated, labels should turn off when a layer is turned off. 



If you are seeing differently or experiencing something that is not expected, you can troubleshoot the behavior with Esri Community members through the ArcGIS Pro Questions board, or contact Technical Support.

Thank you.


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