Label suppression for selectable layers

04-27-2014 03:32 PM
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When labelling using Maplex, I'd like to be able to suppress labels over a given layer in a map document. 

At the moment I can only set a feature weight for a given feature. But if I'm given a contour dataset that overlaps a lakes dataset, I don't want to show contour labels over water.

At the moment I've got two options:

- Suppress all labels over the lakes. This doesn't work as I want to be able label my lakes and this option suppresses all labels over my lake polygons.
- Clip out the contours over the lakes. This is time-consuming, especially on large datasets with LOTS of vertices.

What I am thinking would be great is if in the Placement Properties > Conflict Resolution tab there was a check-box to suppress labels over given layers. This would then read in the layers from the Table of Contents and allow you to suppress for certain layers.

I understand this will add to the processing time while labelling, but it gives the user flexibility.

An mockup of what it might look like...

I'm pretty confident that one can already do this. Using the Maplex label engine if you set a feature to have an 1000 weight then all other labels should avoid this feature. Is that what you want?
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This is possible to do with feature weights.

a value of 1000 will block other layer labels from placing over those features, but still allow the label for the feature to place.  

See mockup below.  the lake label places, but the contour labels move once the lake layer feature class is set to a 1000 weight





Status changed to: Already Offered