Label placement enhancement - Do not place "This Label" on top of specified layer !

08-04-2011 08:10 PM
Status: Open
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Yes - via prpoer weighting you can specifiy that a layer is not allowed to have labels placed upon it... However this will affect the drawing of all labels. Sometimes their are multiple feature classes that have symbiotic labels that live quite harmoniously with a particular layer and you do not want to upset this. Yet there will be one large label that covers up too many important features. if you weight the feature for no encroachment there are wonderful open spaces found for those large labels just where you had wished they were placed - But all those previously symbiotic labels are no longer happy!

Sometimes it is just one problematic set of labels that you wish to keep away from features - It would be "Oh So Nice" to have the option to restrict this set of labels to fall away from certain features.

Thank You !
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This would be an excellent addition to the functionality of Maplex. Don't get me wrong - I love maplex and use it constantly but there are still more customisations I wish I could implement. 

The work-around of creating annotation layers for these sorts of scenarios is less than ideal when you're dealing with dynamic data. 
nice idea !
YES! I would love to be able to identify layers that another layer cannot label over or option to push labels off other layers. 

Over a decade later, this still does not exist. I would really appreciate this in Pro, a way to exclude a layer from the global label weights/set weights for one layer in particular. Sometimes overlap with features is okay for some labels, but not others, and there's not even an easy way to do this if you go the annotation route, since you'd have to turn off all global weights before converting to get them close to where you want them and then manually go back in and put your weights back for the rest.