Label leaders should not cross

12-01-2016 12:18 AM
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As shown in the attached image, the label leaders cross. I'm using Maplex. A search of the forums and help does not offer instruction how to set Maplex to avoid this. 

If I use standard labeling, one label loses a leader but at least the positioning makes sense: 

Please ensure Maplex does not produce overlapping leaders. 


I would at least like an option to completely disallow the possibility of cross leader lines, in the same way that one currently has the option to remove duplicate labels and always place all labels.

From what I have read online there is currently no way to completely rule out crossed leader lines, only minimize their occurrence. Perhaps this is because it is, programmatically speaking, easier said than done? Even so, I think it makes a lot of sense, aesthetically and cartographically, and I would love to see it implemented in the future.


A do not cross leader option would be really handy.  I end up in situations where the feature being labeled is too small to fit the label at 4pt font, (i.e. minimum readable size when printed) key numbering is not acceptable for space & presentation reasons, so leaders are the solution.  But the engine (both standard and maplex) makes them cross leader lines with a vengeance, so convert to graphics and manually move them is what I end up doing.  It gets rather time consuming when there are a lot of labels and I think if only the program could automatically avoid crossing leaders.

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@wilwaters @AlderMaps @KeithAddison1 

Hi all,

Leader lines should not cross like this.  With each release we include improvements to the Maplex label engine.  If you see this issue with crossing leader lines, please contact support with the data and we can look into resolving it.




I still have crossing leader line issues @WendyHarrison 




@hparis are you able to report this to Technical Support as Wendy suggested?


I've done a lot of work with utilities (water and sewer) and this has always been an issue (with both ArcMap and Pro).  The worst offenders are water valves.  Often, there are many clustered together and I've always struggled with leaders.

Here's a small sample, there are hundreds of valves and dozens of intersecting lines like this.




@Vandal_WSU did you see Wendy's closing comment here?

I think the team will need the data (map package with the label settings) so that they can investigate and improve the label placement to avoid crossing leaders.


I tried to drop a map package in this post, but it says .mpkx is not supported. 

Here are screen shots of my label settings:






@Vandal_WSU the easiest way to get the data to us is to go through Technical Support.  you can reach them here

once it's logged they will notify us and we can look into it.