Label Class Copy and paste between maps

07-06-2021 07:30 AM
Status: Open
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In 2.8 we can now duplicate label class.  To save time, my idea is to allow copy/paste label class between maps.

For now, we have to create a new class, copy the label class, return to the feature label class and then paste all properties.  



Couldn't agree more, I have two layers based on the same source with at least 8 symbol classes each. I set up 12 label classes on the one, but there's no way of getting them to the other without either redoing the symbology manually or creating 12 label classes one by one, copying and pasting the label properties one by one, and renaming them one by one.


I believe this workflow would work better:
1. Map with classes>>Contents Pane>>Right click the layer>>Shareing>>Click Save Layer File

2. Map without classes>>Geoprocessing Pane>>Apply Symbology from Layer tool
  input layer: layerNoClass

  symbology layer: <Layer file saved>

  Click Run button

Tools have a limitation for outputs being added to a single map

Alternatively, if you want to script something in python, you can use the module to do this from a single map.