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Keyboard Shortcuts for Draw Graphic Elements (Rectangle, etc.)

10-18-2017 02:11 PM
Status: Closed
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We need keyboard shortcuts for common tools... this is just one example.


(Using ArcMap 10 here... ArcGIS Pro is NOT AN OPTION!!!!)


Being able to switch between or activate the draw rectangle, draw polygon, draw line, etc. would be extremely useful and time saving to those of us who must do this 10s or 100s of times per day.


This would also be useful in creating keyboard macros (Logitech G13) to automate the use of tools.


For example,  since ArcMap lacks any type of macro recording functionality to complete repetitive tasks; I have started using a 3rd party option to get around this and automate a multikeypress task into a single button.  The lack of options to assign 'Draw Rectangle' to a keyboard shortcut makes this task more difficult.... (Note that many OTHER tools are able to assign shortcuts through the customize menu.... but not the drawing tools.)


Hey David,

I unfortunately can't help you but I want to stress this option too.

There used to be a feature for this (yes, ArcGIS pro) but this has unfortunately been removed (Rectangle polygon tool).

Maybe the devs could re-enable this in ArcGIS Pro and also implement it in ArcMap?

This seems like quite a basic thing to get right and I don't want to have to write a plugin for mapping something as simple (Which I did regardless, but since this feature no longer exists in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 this tool is now sort of useless :/).

It is much more convenient for many people, myself included, to just remember shortcuts instead of clicking on certain boxes on the screen.

Cheers, Ben

Status changed to: Closed

I'm going to close this since the request is specifically for ArcMap and new functionality is not being added to ArcMap.

In ArcGIS Pro, the graphic rectangle ID is esri_layouts_newRectangleTool:


I can assign a keyboard accelerator to that command: