Keyboard shortcut to move to active pane

04-01-2020 03:45 PM
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by Anonymous User
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to move to an active pane other than having to use Ctrl + Tab and the arrow key? It is easy to move back and forth between a map and an attribute table, but one must use arrow keys to then move to one of the active panes. It would be nice to be able to go straight to the Project tab within the Catalog pane just like it is possible to go to the history pane. 



My current workflow is going to the history pane with my accelerator (Ctrl+ Shift + H) and then using the arrows to get to Project. Two issues that come up for me with this: 1) my history accelerator does not work if I am in the Contents pane and so I have to toggle to my map or open attribute table first, and 2) once in Project, I can't scroll down past Databases.  


If I understand the idea correctly, you are asking for a shortcut to open the Catalog Pane.  I did that here by setting an accelerator of Alt + C

It will open the Catalog Pane to whichever tab was active when I closed it, but I can arrow between Project, Portal and Favorites.

The part about not being able to use the arrow to move past Databases in the Catalog Pane may be a bug and should be reported to technical support.  

Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding something about the idea, or if what I've provided is what you were looking for.


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