keyboard shortcut hotkey show selected records

01-03-2020 02:56 PM
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by Anonymous User
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I wish there was a keyboard shortcut hotkey option for switching to the selected records in an attribute table (from the main one).


You could customize the Quick Access toolbar in ArcGIS Pro by going to the Project tab->Options->Quick

Access Toolbar.  Then in the "Choose commands from" -> All commands and search for "show".  Select the third result and click the Add button to move it over to the list of Quick Access toolbar commands.  Click OK.  Now select features in a Map View then click the "Attribute Table Showing Selection" button on the Quick Access toolbar.  Bam!  A table opens with only the selected records.

by Anonymous User

Robert LeClair‌ Thanks so much for your post! I was hoping to add a keyboard shortcut so as to not use a mouse. I wanted to open up the table of selected features without using my mouse. I added an accelerator (in my case Ctrl + Alt + T) to Attribute Table Showing Selection (Open Attribute Table showing selection for a layer.) I can then toggle back and forth between the regular attribute table with no selections with the existing accelerator Ctrl + T. 


You're welcome Kelly!  I'm glad the accelerators worked for you!  Stay healthy and safe!