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Keep user defined legend style as defined when applied

02-04-2014 09:53 AM
Status: Already Offered
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It would really make sense if a user defined legend style would apply as it is defined in the style manager. It is really important that my legends appear the same across a series of maps. Currently when I add a new layer then apply my own legend style, the font will appear at random sizes, the patch will also randomly be set to ‘override default patch’.

If a user creates a legend style that means they need that legend item to appear as that style has been defined.

For example, I have set a legend style to Layer name Calibri 16pt, Label and Description Calibri 13pt, and the ‘override default patch’ unchecked. It is very frustrating to have to go into the legend properties for a layer after applying my user defined style because the layer name has changed to 19.5pt and the ‘override default patch’ has for some reason been checked. It is even more frustrating when the font size changes when I apply the style on different maps even though the map layouts are identical.

I saw the reason an Esri employee posted for why the font sizes change between maps, I am sure most users would much rather have the legend styles appear as they are defined in the style manager. A solution would be to have an option (check box) in the legend style properties for the style to appear as defined.

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Status changed to: Already Offered

This is available in ArcGIS Pro. You can save a legend style including the default legend item style for that legend.