Keep streaming settings in a project after closing

12-09-2021 07:51 AM
Status: Open
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Streaming settings - tolerance and smoothing - are automatically set to default (stream tolerance = 0; smoothing = OFF) after closing and re-opening an Arc Pro project.  I almost never change these settings once I have set them for an individual project.  It is irksome to have to set this every time I open a project and enter into an edit session.   

Stream tolerance settings in the edit options in ArcMap will remain once set.  Please consider adding this feature to Arc Pro to remove an unnecessary, repetitive step. 

by Anonymous User

When using streaming while creating/editing features, you need to set your preferences for streaming tolerance and smoothing in the Streaming Options box. However when you close out of ArcGIS Pro and reopen the project it does not save those preferences like it saves zoom scale preferences and the location of the panes you've opened and favorited tools etc. It would be a useful update for people who create and edit features to be able to save those streaming preferences instead of having to reset them every time they open the project.


Very frustrating to have to reset the streaming tolerance every time I open an ArcPro project, please fix this ESRI!


This is very annoying. Please add this feature!