Keep Plan ID for Remainder Parcels

02-21-2014 06:46 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

Whenever a user creates a remainder on a parcel with a plan, the planID of the remainder gets pushed back to the default plan. It would be useful to keep the plan attributes on the underlapping parcel.

See the images attached for the following scenario: Parcel to the NE gets recombined with the new portion in the images or the parcel to NE could have been mapped erroneously. Either scenario applies.


*I should add that you may keep the parent plan but you have the designate it in the dialog which is a couple of extra clicks. Perhaps there could be a policy on the fabric similar to the merge policy on a gdb where users could specify to "duplicate" the value of the parent attributes for the purpose of keeping them.

*Or conversely keeping the plan id could be set as the default and any other options be extra clicks. I think this is the most common use. Users go through a long process to migrate the plan info over. Secondly, for those who choose to maintain the plan information, it is a step backwards in the current effort to keep it. (10.2.1 Desktop)
The remainder parcel, which in our situation is defined as the remaining area left after a new plan comes along has a specific planID already which we need to keep.  It would be very helpfull for our workflow if this remaining parcel could be specified to keep its PlanID without the extra clicks to specify the defaul plan.  Additionally we have situations where 2+ parcels are being remaindered at once.  In this situation we do the remainder with any plan set as default then manually editing those chopped remainder parcels back to their original planID.