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Keep last used tool activated when alternating map and layout in Pro.

04-25-2019 08:10 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

Currently when alternating between a layout and activating the map on a layout the last used tool on the map view is not recalled.  It always reverts to the default Explore Tool.  So if I am using the move tool, switch contexts it reverts back to the Explore Tool.  It would be really beneficial to be able to continue using the same tool when alternating contexts without having to keep selecting the tool you were just using.  

Please consider changing this behavior to default back to the last used tool, or at least make this an advanced option.


I see you put this in the Desktop category.   It is to my understanding they are not enhancing Desktop anymore, all the focus is on Pro now.  


Unless I am mistaken Pro is considered part of ArcGIS Desktop - there is no Pro category that I can see.  In any case this is request is for Pro.  I'll update the title if its possible.