Keep character marker symbol perpendicular to cartographic line symbology

12-04-2015 06:55 AM
Status: Open
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I have powerlines that should be symbolized as ---P---P--- no matter how the layout data frame is rotated.
The “P” should always stay perpendicular with the powerline.
Right now, the only way to fix this problem is to check “Rotate marker symbols with dataframe” in Advanced ArcMap settings.
The problem is this affects other features in my map that I don’t want rotated (and don’t care to set rotation angles to every one of these).
I checked with ESRI and the problem with “P” rotating with layout data frame rotation changes is as designed.
I’m recommending that this changes so user can specify angle rotation of a marker symbol in relation to the cartographic line (and keep Advanced ArcMap option to rotate unchecked).
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There must be a setting somewhere.  I have my pipelines with a P and they stay perpendicular to the line.  I tried to reproduce the issue and when I did it the P's came out perpendicular.

Here is how I made the lines and it must have that setting done for the pre made line symbols.

Start off with Aqueduct default line symbol.  
It should be a light blue line with Dots
Then just change the color and the dots to the letter P.  I tried it that way and it worked for me.