Insert | Text and/or Text Element Properties to support text wrapping

08-31-2011 09:12 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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If you use the Rectangle Text tool from the Draw toolbar to insert a text element then the text element created will support text wrapping.

However, if you use Insert | Text to insert a text element then the text element created will NOT support text wrapping.

Neither type of inserted text element has a property to toggle text wrapping on or off.

I've created quite a few text elements using the Insert | Text method because that is the method closer at hand when authoring maps and inserting all the other map surround elements.  However, I've always been disappointed that these test elements did not support text wrapping.  Now that I've become aware that the Rectangle Text tool supports this, I have the onerous task of creating new text elements and copying text into them.  It would be much easier to just hit a checkbox and have text wrapping turned on.

Switch between all types of texts - simple text, frame based texts (rectangle, polygon, circle) and line based texts would also be handy as requested in Layout Text Enhancements. Basic and natural features must certainly be missing in ArcGIS, as usual.
At the moment, when I have a large block of text to add to a map layout (such as a comment, description or note about the map), after adding a text box, if I copy and paste the text that I need from somewhere else, it will all appear on the one line, and I need to go through manually and line by line adjust my text to make it fit into the area I need it to.

For example: in the text box below, I have had to manually add an "Enter" after each line so that it spreads my text out across multiple lines rather than one super long line.

Are the area text tools not working for this? You can draw a rectangle, circle, or polygon with the area text tools on the Draw toolbar and the text will flow within that. With the area text tools you can also define margins and columns and such. Make sure you use the text tools, not the graphics tools.
Adding text that flows within a graphic using the Drawing toolbar.

ArcGIS online link to documentation:
Here is an ArcGIS Idea that might make it easier to switch between the less useful default under Insert and the highly useful but cryptic alternative on the Draw toolbar:
Status changed to: Under Consideration