Insert of Office Objects (word-documents, pdf, ...) in ArcGIS Pro

06-01-2018 05:19 AM
Status: Open
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in ArcMap is possibile to insert Office object such as a Word document, an Excel sheet, a PowerPoint slide; the objetc is "linked", so that any change to the slide, for example, will be reflected in the layout. In Pro this is not supported, and is not in plan(see ). This is a powerful functionality that can enrich a map and especially a layout with additional information that is updated by non-GIS people.


This would be extremely useful to me.  I have several Power Pojnt users that want to be able to update slide which appear as outside elements in my Map layouts. (They are updated regualrly). Right now I'm forced to "take snapshots" by exporting these slides into images and then inserting images.

Please add the ability to insert OLE objects into Layouts.  


I also use this functionality in Arc Desktop. Not often, but when I do it is very handy. I would love to see that carried over to Arc Pro as well.


What a great piece of functionality to loose.


I know there's another idea  thread out there on this, it's an OLE object we want Pro to be able to use like ArcMap. We use this in ArcMap for adding in spreadsheet tables that are linked. Very important feature.


We use this functionality in ArcMap to keep a log of changes in official documents when printing to hardcopy or PDF maps. I'm trying to figure out a work around. I keep wanting to make the switch to ArcGIS Pro, but every time I think we're ready we run into something new. This is exceedingly frustrating.



equivalency with all other software‌

arc map equivalency‌

arcmap equivalent‌

#arcmap equivalency

Not sure which is the correct one to use.  Apparently the development team checks one of these tags out often.


Three years later and still no apparent plan to add an Insert Object-type functionality to Pro. Working around this lack of functionality has vastly slowed down my workflow - please consider updating Pro to incorporate Excel/Word/Powerpoint objects soon!

In case these tags help --> equivalent‌, equivalency with all other software‌, arcmap equivalency‌, arcmap equivalent‌, #arcmap equivalency


It would also be nice to add the AutoCad object as well.  We utilize this for details in a Geometric Network, I know the Utility Network offers some of this functionality, but its more for online maps versus hardcopy/pdf maps.