Inclusive license levels (Allow checking out of lesser license levels)

10-03-2013 07:27 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
It would be very helpful if ArcGIS licenses were inclusive.  In other words each license level should allow you to check out the same number of licenses at that level or any lower level.

For example:
  Company A has purchased 10 ArcGIS Advanced licenses.  Users should be able to check out any combination of ArcGIS Basic, ArcGIS Standard, or ArcGIS Advanced licenses that total no more than 10.
  0 basic, 0 standard, 10 advanced
  1 basic, 3 standard,  6 advanced

Some people are probably wondering who would someone want to deliberately limit themselves to a functional level less than what they've purchased, primarily developers.  Currently if you have a need to test for a license level, say basic, you would need to purchase a basic license, for standard, you need a standard license, etc.  If you have already purchased an advanced license, you should be able to consume that license at all three levels.

The current situation forces you to;
  1. Purchase three separate ArcGIS licenses to test your add-In/extension/application.
  2. Forgo development for certain license levels.
  3. Develop for all license levels, don't test, pray that it works.