Inclusion of "Dask" package in Default Python Env (ArcGIS Pro)

10-28-2020 10:07 AM
Status: Implemented
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With ArcGIS Pro 2.6 ESRI has included the XARRAY Package as a default package in ArcGIS Pro.  This is a great inclusion with it allowing power analysis of Netcdf data.  One Caveat however is that XARRAY depends on the DASK package as well and that is not included in the Default Python Env.  Could DASK be included in future updates/releases in the future?


dask isn't on the "required" list

Installation — xarray 0.16.2.dev3+g18a59a6d.d20200920 documentation 

but it can be installed separately, however, its dependency list is a bit longish and there may be license restrictions if esri included it in their distribution, which wouldn' limit you installing it yourself

(arcgispro-py3) C:\arc_pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3>conda install dask --dry-run
Fetching package metadata .............
Solving package specifications: .

Package plan for installation in environment C:\arc_pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3:

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

    bokeh:             2.1.1-py36_0
    click:             7.1.2-py_0
    contextvars:       2.4-py_0
    cytoolz:           0.11.0-py36he774522_0
    dask:              2.30.0-py_0
    dask-core:         2.30.0-py_0
    distributed:       2.30.0-py36_0
    fsspec:            0.8.3-py_0
    heapdict:          1.0.1-py_0
    immutables:        0.14-py36he774522_0
    locket:            0.2.0-py36hfed976d_1
    msgpack-python:    1.0.0-py36h74a9793_1
    partd:             1.1.0-py_0
    tblib:             1.7.0-py_0
    toolz:             0.11.1-py_0
    zict:              2.0.0-py_0

Dask is not required, but if one tries to work with a netcdf data of any larger size it will ask you to use Dask.  I know that once can clone the default environment and install Dask.  But if a developer is trying to develop tools and training that use netcdf it would be best not to have to clone and install Dask.

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