Included (or Dynamic) Expression files

09-09-2020 03:11 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to "include" an expression file for symbology definitions, label expressions or sql queries. The definition added/included in a label class or for a feature's symbology would be updated everywhere it were used  whenever the saved file were updated. Similar to the way "include files" work in PHP, C/C+ or the @import statement in CSS. 


Thank you for submitting this Daniel Cardenas‌!  Is this for ArcGIS Pro, or another product?  Let me know and we'll make sure we add the correct Category.



Hi Kory,

This was a suggestion for ArcGIS Pro.

After you mentioned it, I noticed the categories link and clicked it from my phone - I wish I could attach a screenshot of what I saw. I'm holding my phone vertically and all the category titles are displayed vertically - 5 columns across, with folder icons at the top of each, then the category titles spelled out vertically below the folders. Pretty unusable. It looks better when the phone is held at landscape orientation, but maybe someone at ESRI might want to look into it.


Thanks, Daniel.  I've added the Category and tags.  GeoNet will be undergoing an update within the next couple of months and ideas will get a revamp so the mobile experience should be better.  



I think this would be a great addition.