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Include the ability to turn scale dependent result filtering on and off in the ArcGIS Pro locator settings

04-19-2022 08:48 AM
Status: Implemented
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The ability to turn scale dependent result filtering on and off in the locator settings would be much appreciated as it is hindering our workflow.

In the ArcGIS Pro help article for finding places on the map, the second note under point 2 explains this functionally.

“If you zoom in on the map to approximately city level, you should start to see that results are returned closer to the location you are zoomed in to. For instance, if you search coffee at a global extent or map scale smaller than 1:500000, you will likely see candidates returned for all over the world, but if you're zoomed in to Denver, CO, you will likely see candidates returned that are close to or in Denver.”

Finding places on the map

Over the course of a day, we investigate new and problematic addresses from a number of sources throughout our Province.  The addresses provided can have a variety of issues from spelling to street type, with an incorrect city name (e.g. a larger neighbouring city name instead of the actual community name) or no city name at all.

Our ArcGIS Pro 2.9 locator has the ‘Match with no zones’ option set to yes to accommodate for the entry of just a street number and name, allowing us to see all cities with possible matches.

Match with no zones

Currently when using the locator in ArcMap to validate, we can remain zoomed at a consistent scale of about 1:2,500 and receive all appropriate matches.  This allows us to simply click a result and then view/verify the parcels and streets while doing our investigation quickly.  Within ArcGIS Pro, the locator returns a filtered list at this scale that excludes 100% matches found to be too far away, while including lower ranked erroneous results (e.g. 70% street name only matches) nearby the current map view.  This highlights the need to zoom out to the Provincial level prior to each address validation to ensure the locator provides proper results from the entire dataset, bypassing the scale dependent functionality outlined in the ArcGIS Pro help extract above.

For us, the filtered list is misleading and the extra zooming out to avoid it is an unnecessary hindrance.

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Status changed to: Implemented

This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.1. Please see the What's New documentation for more new features in Pro 3.1.