Include custom output fields with "Minimal" output fields option when geocoding.

11-15-2021 07:13 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to include the custom output fields of a locator in the geocode results with the "Minimal" output fields option.

Geocode Addresses (Geocoding)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

It's great that custom output fields can be configured when creating a locator, but it's too bad they only come through in the geocode result with "All" output fields, which is way too much. Please consider including custom output fields with the "Minimal" output fields option when geocoding.


When using a Composite Locator, it would be handy to add the 'Loc_name' field with the Minimal  output fields.


@BlakeTerhune In ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Minimal plus custom output fields was added as an option for the Output Fields returned when geocoding the table. You would select 'Minimal and User Fields' as the Output Fields option. Some additional details can be found in the note at the top of the following help topic.




Woo! Thanks @ShanaBritt. I see the MINIMAL_AND_USER option has been added to the Python documentation too.



What do you use Loc_name field for?  This is mostly used as an internal field so it wasn't originally included in the minimal set of fields because of that.  We could consider adding it but I just want to understand what you use the field for right now.




@BradNiemand I have two different sources for PointAddress in my Composite locator, one is regional and one is local and I would use the Loc_name for reviewing those matches. 


@HeidiSuna1 One option would be to add those values as a custom output field for now.

We can discuss the possibility of exposing Loc_name in a future but at this time it isn't in our near-term roadmap.