Include ArcGIS for Home with Esri Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)

07-29-2011 01:55 AM
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ArcGIS for Home was announced at the 2011 International User Conference as a means of getting ArcGIS Desktop for non-commercial uses: e.g. expanding one's GIS skills and volunteerism. The deal: USD $100 gives you 12 months use of an ArcView-only license including several great extensions like Spatial Analyst.

It would be wonderful to include ArcGIS for Home on the list of approved software for Enterprise License agreements. Sure there is a much needed license-checkout feature at 10. But some State, Local, and Federal governments aren't there yet (e.g. are at 9.3.1 perhaps).

Allowing those covered by Esri ELAs to receive ArcGIS for Home without additional fees would be a terrific gesture. It would enable GIS analysts, editors, and others to familiarize themselves with the current release regardless of what release their particular Enterprise was at. This is a business need that ArcGIS for Home on an ELA schedule could help meet.

Better still would be to offer ArcGIS for Home at the ArcEditor level. ArcView has limitations for those wanting to expand their GIS skills (e.g. absent are ccertain GP tools, ArcSDE Desktop, etc). If you like the idea of ArcGIS for Home offered at the ArcEditor license level (ArcGIS for Desktop "Standard" at 10.1) you can vote for that idea here:

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I like the idea of being able to learn at home, there is little time at work and classes are expensive.