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In ArcGIS Pro, provide the ability in a Task step to automatically configure the position of different open views

09-25-2015 01:52 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Esri Contributor
At present the Task Editor within ArcGIS Pro allows the user to determine which views (map/scene or layout) are open and which one is active. More than one view can be opened at the same time however, the user cannot configure the alignment of the windows as part of the task step.

To do this at present, the user would need to manually allign the windows once they reach this step in the task. This manual configuration would need to be run by each user, each time they run the step.

It would be much better if, as part of the task editor, the user can control not only which views are open and active, but also how they allign against each other.

This would allow the user to choose to display two maps side by side, one showing high accuracy vector data, and the other showing Aerial Imagery as part of one step, but in the next step they may want the high accuracy vector data taking the majority of the screen, with an attribute table alligned along the bottom of it.

The examples above are two very common examples where allignment is used today, but would massively improve UX (User experience) if this could be configured in advance so the screen is optamised by the task designer for the job the task user will be completing at any given step of the task.
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