Improved Symbol Layer Drawing

05-10-2018 08:14 AM
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There is room for a lot of improvement in the Symbology pane.

1.  I'd like the option to be able to view all symbologies alphabetically (as it is now), OR by the Symbol Layer Drawing I have set.  In other words I;d like to be able to view the symbology list in the order it is drawn versus alphabetically. 

2. In the Symbol Layer Drawing dialog I'd like all values shown versus having to click on each to expose their properties.

3.  For maps with MANY symbol values it would be nice to have the option to open and entire screen in order to manipulate and move them around,

4.  I'd like all changes I make to the symbology pane (or screen - see suggestion #3), to take effect when I hit an Apply button.  This would reduce re-draws.


I completely agree with your comment about the Apply button. Re-drawing takes forever and sometimes I have to reselect the layer from the table of contents to adjust the next item in the same layer.

Also - I am really struggling to locate the advanced symbology options button in the symbology tab.


And where is the 'fields' tab in the properties window for each layer? I used to be able to adjust the display of a field in there. Is it somewhere else now?


Advanced Symbology now lives….

Hang on…. updated to 2.2….

Okay: Open the symbology pane and you’ll have the options below. This is different from the earlier version (and improved), The Icon to the right of the one I’m showing in the screen shot gives you symbol layer drawing (which I use a LOT).

The fields tab seems to be gone (at least I can’t find it). The clunky work-around I’ve discovered is to open the attribute table > click on Add Field > Delete the field you were never going to add > Now you have all of your field properties displayed.

I JUST downloads V2 so there may be a much better way to get to this – if you find it please share.

Hope that helps!



Thanks Sean - I noticed the Fields tab is gone too - I have been able to access the fields details, but I'm not able to adjust how they are displayed in the table. I'm downloading 2.2 now, so hopefully that will take care of my symbology issue. The page didn't indicate that it was 2.2.

Thanks for your help and comments.



Also see for further description of the issue.